The Denver Forum Celebrates 25 years

Our 25th anniversary luncheon last Friday was by any measure, an exceptional event. But 9,134 days after The Forum’s first event with Senator Alan Simpson, March 1, 1985, should it have been anything less?

Governor John Hickenlooper and Senator Mike Bennet were, as always, terrific. I sometimes wonder, as a semi-outsider, if Coloradoans fully appreciate how lucky they are in the quality of men and women they elect to public office – and none more so than Governor Hickenlooper and Senator Bennet.

The Denver Post covered the 25th anniversary event. You can read it online at,

Ou next event features Talmage Boston, who joins us April 5 to speak at our Annual Baseball Luncheon. Talmage, a man consistently rated by Texas Monthly, as one of the state’s “Super Lawyers”, is the author of two baseball books. I know he’s a terrific speaker, routinely receiving standing ovations when he speaks, so we are in for a treat. But for now, thanks to everyone who was there Friday. You helped make it a great event.


George Mitrovich