Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox - Great Fenway Park Writers Series

Scenes from The Great Fenway Park Writers Series
Governor Michael Dukakis paid tribute to the life of Nelson Mandela before Ben Bradlee spoke. (Mr. Mandela had died earlier that day.) Ben Bradlee speaking about his book, "The Kid: The Immortal Life of Ted Williams."  
The Red Sox & Redemption was The Writers Series theme at the November 15 dinner at the Hotel Commonwealth. Panelists included, from left to right, Dick Flavin, Senator Ed Markey, Red Sox VP Dr. Charles Steinberg, NESN's Jenny Dell, the Herald's Steve Buckley and the Globe's Kevin Cullen, with Patriots play-by-play announcer Bob Socci, on the left, as moderator.
U.S. Senator Ed Markey, a Red Sox fan at birth, was in high spirits. 2013 World Series Trophy at the Red Sox & Redemption dinner.  
Congressman Ed Markey at the Bob Ryan Tribute dinner at the Hotel Commonwealth. The Congressman and Bob have been friends since their student days at BC. Bob Ryan, who covered sports for the Boston Globe for 44 years, acknowledging his appreciation at this tribute dinner.
Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe columnist and colleague and friend of Bob Ryan's. Jackie MacMullan of ESPN, paying tribute to her former colleague and friend by reading a poem she had written in his honor.
Bob and Elaine Ryan with Red Sox owner John Henry, wife Linda Pizzuti, and John's daughter, Sarah, at the sold out Writers Series dinner tribute.  
  This is Laura Fox, a manager at Eastern Standard Restaurant, who was "discovered" by Judge Jim Wexler and Writers Series Chairman George Mitrovich the night before the Ryan dinner. She was invited to sing at the event for Mr. Ryan and she was terrific, as the SRO crowd, having heard her sing one song, demanded a second song. We will bring her back.
Globe sports editor Joe Sullivan at the Ryan dinner. Dick Flavin, baseball's poet laureate, wows the SRO crowd with his own poem of tribute to Bob Ryan.
  Mark Shriver at The Writers Series September luncheon at Fenway discussing his book about his father, Sargent Shriver, "A Good Man."
E.J. Dionne and George Mitrovich at The Writers Series dinner at the Hotel Commonwealth August 20. E.J. spoke on his new book, "America's Divided Political Heart."
  Curt Smith, former speech writer for President George Herbert Walker Bush, at the Writers Series. Curt Smith autographs his book, "Mercy! A Celebration of Fenway Park's Centennial as Told Through Red Sox Radio and TV." at the Writers Series.
CNN's John King, former Boston Globe reporter, Marty Nolan, NESN baseball analyst, Jerry Remy, and Red Sox VP Dave Friedma, at the celebration of the 100th Anniversary Fenway Park book publication event at the State Street Pavilion.  
Former Governor Mike Dukakis shares with his fellow panelists and SRO crowd what he told Larry Lucchino the first time he met him, "Anyone who tears down Fenway Park should be criminally indicted." Peter Gammons, the great baseball reporter and fan favorite, at the "Fenway Park in My Life" event.
Nancy Dwight, who overcame a Cubs upbringing to become a huge Red Sox fan, shares her experiences as a panelist on "Fenway Park in My Life", which played to an SRO crowd at the Commonwealth April 19. Nancy Dwight and Charles Ogletree are amused by Dick Flavin.
Flavin entertains his fellow panelists, Ed Markey, Peter Gammons, Nancy Dwight, Charles Ogletree, Donna Eden Cohen, and Mike Dukakis. Congressman Ed Markey saying, "In Boston you're born a Red Sox fan and six days later you are baptized."
Dick Flavin, The Writers Series' Poet Laureate, had them on their feet at the Jane Mitchell luncheon with his Dave Roberts' steal of second poem. Dave Roberts introduces Jane Mitchell at the June 21 Writers Series event at Fenway Park. Jane Mitchell, who spoke to The Writers Series in June, was introduced by Dave Roberts, and gets a hug in return.
Red Sox President & CEO Larrry Lucchino brings greetings at the Jane Mitchell event. Writers Series faithful Barry Shuman and Paul Boghosian with Larry Lucchino at the Mitchell gathering. Photos by Amy Donnelly, Boston Red Sox.
Hall of Fame sports writer Peter Gammons at the Writers Series last November. When so many people wanted to hear Mr. Gammons speak, he graciously volunteered to do a second night on the "Best Sports Writing of 2010." Peter Gammons makes a point during his November appearance.  
Jane Leavy, author of "The Last Boy: The End of an American Childhood", a biography of Mickey Mantle, for which Ms. Leavy has received extraordinary reviews, at the Writers Series dinner at the Hotel Commonwealth. Robert Pinsky, the former Poet Laureate of the United States, at the Writers Series dinner, where he introduced his friend, Jane Leavy. Writers Series Chairman George Mitrovich and Red Sox President & CEO Larry Lucchino at the Jane Leavy dinner January 28.
Dr. Todd Gitlin, professor of journalism and society at Columbia University, at The Writers Series luncheon October 15. Todd Gitlin's and Joel Leibovitz's book on "The Chosen Peoples."  

John McDermott and some of his friends on stage at the luncheon. From left to right, Pam McDermott, MassHousing's Tommy Lyons, former UMass President William Bulger, and former Commonwealth Governor and U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Paul Cellucci.

John McDermott, the great Irish tenor, in concert at The Writers Series in June with guitarists Brian MacMilland and Jason Fowler.
Red Sox Chief Operating Officer Sam Kennedy welcoming guests at the Curt Smith luncheon. Joe Castiglione, the radio voice of the Red Sox, after introducing his pal, Curt Smith at the April event.  
Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough of MSNBC's "The Morning Joe Show" at Fenway after speaking to The Writers Series dinner on opening night. Curt Smith, President George Herbert Walker Bush's favorite speech writer, and author of "Voices of the Game," at The Writers Series in April. Curt Smith's book on Mel Allen, one of the great voices in sports broadcasting.
The hugely popular Jackie MacMullan at an SRO Writers Series luncheon at the Hotel Commonwealth. Jackie MacMullan's book, "When the Game Was Ours."
Mark Frost, the celebrated TV producer and "Game Six" author, speaks to a Writers Series Luncheon in the EMC club at Fenway. Congressman Mike Capuano, whose district includes Fenway Park, brings greetings at the Washinton luncheon.
"Game Six" by Mark Frost, awaits his autograph at a Writers Series luncheon. Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner welcomes Majority Leader Harry Reid to the Writers Series Capitol Hill luncheon in June.
Red Sox Chairman & CEO Larry Lucchino with Writers Series Chairman George Mitrovich at the luncheon. Congressman Ed Markey at the Writers Series Capitol Hill luncheon.
Dick Flavin leads the Capitol Hill luncheon audience in a rousing musical tribute to Dominic DiMaggio. John Farrell, the biographer of Tip O'Neill, who spoke at the Writers Series luncheon in Washington, DC.
Larry Lucchino and 9/11 Commission member Richard Ben-Veniste at the Capitol Hill event. CNN's John King shares his love of the Red Sox with those at the luncheon on Capitol Hill.
United States Majority Leader Harry Reid as keynote speaker at the Writers Series luncheon on Capitol Hill.  
Bill Keller throws out a First Pitch at Fenway. (Photo by Brooks Canaday, Boston Red Sox.) Bill Keller, the Executive Editor of The New York Times, and his daughter, Molly, enjoy a pre-game dugout laugh with Dustin Perdroia at a Bill Cosby story. (Photo by Brooks Canaday, Boston Red Sox.)
Writers Series Chairman George Mitrovich with Jim Nantz and Richard O'Hagan, who served as press secretary to Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the late Canadian Prime Minister. Jim Nantz at the Writers Series with a copy of his book, "Always at my Side", the touching memoir of his late father.
Jim Nantz, who was all-state in high school baseball, reacting to a First Pitch strike before the Red Sox/Yankees game at Fenway. Jim Nantz of CBS Sports, who spoke to the Writers Series June 11, on the field at Fenway before the game with his pal, Tim Wakefield.
Dr. Jean Rhodes, the UMass Boston professor and world's leading authority on mentoring, spoke to the Writers Series May 7 on her book "Becoming Manny." Dr. Michael Long, author of "First Class Citizenship," spoke to the Writers Series luncheon April 15, the day major league baseball honors Jackie Robinson.
Red Sox President & CEO Larry Lucchino with Terry Guiney of the Hotel Commonwealth and Garrett Hawker of Eastern Standard Restaurant. Mr. Guiney and Mr. Hawker had just presented checks to Mr. Lucchino as The Writers Series' principal sponsors.

Dr. Jean Rhodes' book on Manny Ramirez was featured at Fenway the day she spoke to the Writers Series.

Red Sox Hall of Famer Dwight Evans and team President & CEO Larry Lucchino at Fenway with Gloria Steinem, who spoke June 4, and received a Standing O from those assembled at the State Street Pavilion.

ESPN's Sports Center star Linda Cohn, in her new Red Sox jacket, following her speech at the Writers Series luncheon at the Hotel Commonwealth March 5.

Tim Kurkjian at Fenway talks about his wonderful book "Is This a Great Game or What?"  
Roy Blount Jr., at the Writers Series luncheon in August. He spoke on his book, "Long Time Leaving: Dispatches From Up South." Mike Andrews, of the famous '67 Red Sox, now president of the Jimmy Fund, at the luncheon with Roy Blount Jr.
Johnny Pesky with remarks to the crowd in the EMC Club the day he and Bobby Doerr were recognized with film tributes. Dr. Charles Steinberg, the Red Sox's VP for Public Affairs, at the Doerr Pesky event.
Denver Mayor Hickenlooper introduces Senator Bradley at the June luncheon at Fenway. Baseball Hall of Famer Bobby Doerr at the Writers Series luncheon in which films of he and Johnny Pesky were debuted.
Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, Red Sox President & CEO Larry Lucchino, and Chairman Tom Werner at The Writers Series luncheon with former Senator Bill Bradley. Senator Bill Bradley at The Writers Series in June.
Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner introduces Dr. Andrew Zimbalist at the Writers Series. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend at Fenway signing her book, "Failing America's Faithful." Kathleen Kennedy Townsend at The Writers Series dinner in March at the EMC Club.
Marty Nolan, celebrated reporter for the Boston Globe, at the George Vecsey event. Dr. Andrew Zimbalist, famed Smith College professor, at the Writers Series in May, speaking about his book on baseball commissioner Bud Selig.
Congressman Marty Meehan, who represents the Commonwealth's 5th District in Congress, shares some thoughts at the dinner at Fenway that featured Christine Brennan. USA Today's Christine Brennan, author of "Best Seat in the House," was the star attraction at the December Writers Series dinner at Fenway. The New York Times' George Vecsey at the Writers Series speaking about his book on baseball.
The Globe's Dan Shaughnessy, who speaks to the Writers Series in April, enjoying the December dinner in the Crown Royal Room at Fenway. Copies of Christine Brennan's book at the December event.
Red Sox President and CEO and USA Today's Christine Brennan in a funny moment at the dinner. Poet Laureate Dick Flavin and Congressman Marty Meehan together singing an Irish ballad at the dinner, with Red Sox VP for Public Affairs Dr. Charles Steinberg at the Boston Baby Grand.
Congressman Richie Neal of Massachusetts, a great friend of the Red Sox, introducing Tom Oliphant at the July Writers Series luncheon. The great Tom Oliphant, formerly of The Boston Globe, speaking on his highly acclaimed book, "Praying for Gil Hodges: A Memoir of the 1955 World Series," at the Writers Series.
Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner with ABC's Lynn Sherr of 20/20 at the luncheon program with Mr. Justice Breyer.   Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer discussing his book, "Active Liberty", at the writers series luncheon.
United States Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer at his book signing before speaking to the writers series July 18. Writers Series Chairman George Mitrovich with Ellen Goodman, columnist for the Boston Globe, Lynn Sherr of ABC's 20/20, and Dr. Juliet Schor, chairman of the Sociology Department at Boston College. All were present at Fenway to hear Mr. Justice Breyer speak.
Red Sox Vice-Chairman Les Otten, who underwrote the June 23 luncheon featuring Bill "Spaceman" Lee and play-by-play announcer Joe Castiglione, talks about his upcoming charitable Fantasy Camp game at Fenway Park. Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner at the writers series event featuring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.
Bill "Spaceman" Lee, a very popular former Red Sox pitcher, waives to an admirer at the June 23rd luncheon in the Crown Royal Room at Fenway. Bill discussed his new book, "Have Glove, Will Travel." Red Sox radio play-by-play announcer Joe Castiglione discusses his book on the life of a sports broadcaster at the June writers series event.
Jackie MacMullan, Boston Globe columnist and author of "Geno," at the Fenway Park Writers Series May 12, 2006. Michael Gordon, Chief Military Correspondent of The New York Times, and General Bernard Trainor's co-author, at the podium in the Crown Royal Room with his own view of the events leading to the decision to invade Iraq. General Bernard Trainor, co-author with Michael Gordon of "Cobra II", considered by many the definitive account of the Bush Administration's decision to invade Iraq, speaks at the first luncheon of the 2006 Great Fenway Park Writers Series, April 13, in the Crown Royal Room.
“Reversing the Curse” author and Boston Globe sports columnist Dan Shaughnessy, who spoke at the inaugural luncheon of The Great Fenway Park Writers Series. At the first Great Fenway Park Writers Series event in 2005, its chairman, George Mitrovich, is seen with former Congressman and 9/11 Commission member Tim Roemer, “Reversing the Curse” author Dan Shaughnessy, Red Sox Executive Vice President for Public Affairs Dr. Charles Steinberg, and former Massachusetts Governor Mike Dukakis.
Tony Massarotti of the Boston Herald gives his views on the Red Sox’s World Championship run of 2004, the team’s first since 1918. John Henry, the principal owner of the Boston Red Sox, is seen at the second of the ’05 Great Fenway Park Writers Series luncheon introducing Tony Massarotti of the Boston Herald and John Harper of the New York Daily News, who co-wrote "Tale of Two Cities: The 2004 Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry and the War for the Pennant”; a book Mr. Henry much admired.
Red Sox President and CEO Larry Lucchino, introducing Lou Gorman and Jerry Remy at the writers series, holds copies of their books. Popular Red Sox announcer Jerry Remy at the writers series discussing his book "Watching Baseball: Discovering the Game within the Game." John Harper of the New York Daily News, Mr. Massarotti’s co-author, provides another perspective on the Red Sox-Yankees battle for the ’04 American League championship.
Frank Deford, the famous Sports Illustrated writer and NPR commentator, closed out the inaugural season of the writers series by speaking on his book, "The Old Ball Game: How John McGraw, Christy Mathewson and the New York Giants Created Modern Baseball."   Lou Gorman, a legendary Red Sox figure, speaks at the writers series about his book "One Pitch from Glory: A Decade of Running the Red Sox."

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