Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox - Great Fenway Park Writers Series

Friends of The Great Fenway Park Writers Series


Roy Blount Jr.

Dr. Susan Blumenthal

Bishop John Chane

Tom D'Amore

The Honorable Christopher J. Dodd

The Honorable Michael Dukakis

Kitty Dukakis

Dr. Ralph Earle

Debbie Easton

Todd Easton

Dick Flavin

Denis Fortier

Doris Kearns Goodwin

Richard Goodwin

Terry Guiney

Juanita Hagan

Karla Hailer

Dr. Donald Hall

Garrett Harker

John Ingoldsby

Katie Joyce

Chris Keaney

Dave Keaney

The Honorable Edward M. Kennedy

Jim Kennel

The Honorable John Kerry

Kimberly Kissam

Jeff Kornhass

David Lucchino

Stacey Lucchino

The Honorable Ed Markey

The Honorable Marty Meehan

Melody Miller

Brian Miner

Tim Mitchell

Daniel Mitrovich

Mark Mitrovich

Tim Mitrovich

Michael Neagle

The Honorable Richard Neal

Bill Nowlin

Richard O'Hagan

Jim Parker

Adam Pertman

Roger Philippon

Richard Reeves

Jean Rhodes

Peter Roby

Dr. Juliet Schor

Harry Sherr

Alyssa Shuman

Barry Shuman

Dr. Robert Stavins

Don Swallow

Gene Taft

Diane Tiernan

Billy Tranghese

Nicholas Von Hoffman

Megan Wilson

Janet Wood

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Photos courtesy of Julie Cordero, staff photographer, Boston Red Sox.