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Sunday, April 4, 2010
The Boston Red Sox & The Great Fenway Park Writers Series Proudly Present Opening Day With:

Mika Brzezinski – Journalist and Co-Host of MSNBC`s Morning Joe
Author of and speaking on: “All Things at Once”

5:00 PM Reception and Early Dinner
Commonwealth Room – Hotel Commonwealth
500 Commonwealth Avenue (above the Kenmore Square “T” Stop)
Friends of the Writers Series & Red Sox Season Ticket Holders – $50 (price includes an autographed copy of Ms. Brzezinski`s book)

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Biographical Brief – Mika Brzezinski

Mika Brzezinski was born in New York City, the daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski and sculptor Emilie Anna Benešová. Her father was a professor at Columbia University before being named National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter.

Ms. Brzezinski attended The Madeira School during her high-school years. She graduated in 1989 from Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, where she majored in English, after transferring from Georgetown University as a junior. Since 1993, Ms. Brzezinski has been married to TV news reporter James Hoffer. They have two children
Ms. Brzezinski began her journalism career as an assistant at ABC`s World News This Morning in 1990. A year later, she moved to FOX affiliate WTIC-TV/WTIC-DT in Hartford, Connecticut. There, she progressed from assignment and features editor to general assignments reporter. In 1992, she joined CBS affiliate WFSB-TV/WFSB-DT in Hartford and quickly rose through the ranks to become its weekday morning anchor in 1995. In 1997, she left that role to join the CBS network news, where she served as a correspondent and as anchor for the overnight Up to the Minute news program.

In 2000, Ms. Brzezinski began a short hiatus from CBS, during which she worked for rival MSNBC on the weekday afternoon show, Home Page, with co-anchors Gina Gaston and Ashleigh Banfield. She returned to CBS as a correspondent in September 2001, which thrust her into the limelight as a principal "Ground Zero" reporter for the September 11, 2001 attacks. Ms. Brzezinski was broadcasting live from the scene when the South Tower collapsed.

In her last position at CBS, she served as a CBS News correspondent, substitute anchor, and segment anchor for breaking news segments and routine updates. During this period she was a frequent contributor to CBS Sunday Morning and "60 Minutes."

Ms. Brzezinski returned to MSNBC on January 26, 2007, doing the evening "Up To The Minute" news updates. Since then she has anchored primetime newsbreaks during the week, filling in on MSNBC Live weekdays and on the weekends. Brzezinski appears daily as a co-host and news reader on MSNBC`s morning program, with her father as a frequent guest Morning Joe.

On June 26, 2007, near the beginning of Morning Joe, Ms. Brzezinski refused to read a report about Paris Hilton`s release from jail. One hour later during another news break segment, her producer Andy Jones again pushed the story as the lead, ranking it over Republican Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana`s break with President Bush on the Iraq war, which Ms. Brzezinski considered more important. After several sarcastic remarks from host Joe Scarborough, she attempted to light the story`s script on fire on the air, but was physically prevented from doing so. The incident was quickly popularized on the Internet, and in the days that followed Brzezinski received large quantities of fan mail supporting her on-air protest as a commentary on the tension between “hard news” and “entertainment news.”

On September 16, 2008 on MSNBC`s morning program, Morning Joe, Arizona senator John McCain, the Republican nominee for president, referred to Ms. Brzezinski as being "a supporter for (the Democratic nominee, Barack) Obama" and ribbed her for never visiting Senator McCain`s website to research his side of the issues. Reviewing the episode, Ms. Brzezinski said: "I think he was kidding, to an extent. But I think that was bad joke in some ways because it`s a little bit hard for a journalist to be made fun of in that way. ... No one has been more defensive about Sarah Palin as a working mother than me and I`ve taken on my own peers."

More recently, she criticized the way some journalists are infatuated with President Obama and his wife Michelle, stating "I still don’t think it’s right to be in love with him ... and to be acting like a little girl at a Beatles concert.” At the same time, she criticized members of the media elite with trying deliberately to "bring down" Sarah Palin: "Members of the network media elite, as well as members and people who worked for the New York Times when Sarah Palin first came on the scene, and this is what they knew about her: She was a woman, she was pro-life, and she had some very, very conservative views on other issues" ...And all I could hear from my friends in the network media elite was, ‘Let’s bring her down. I hope these rumors bring her down`. . . . They did not know her. They didn’t know anything about her. But they wanted to bring her down.” She has continued her support for Governor Palin even after her resignation, saying she represented the views of "some real Americans, though not herself."

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