The Boston, Denver & San Diego Connection

The Great Fenway Park Writers Series is a sister organization to The Denver Forum and The City Club of San Diego. The Denver Forum and City Club are independent organizations. The Great Fenway Park Writers Series is under the auspices of the Boston Red Sox.The City Club was founded in 1975, The Denver Forum in 1985. The Boston connection with the Red Sox was established in 2005.

All three organizations are public forums; all three committed to the public interest, all three to the dialogue of democracy.

The tie that binds the three organizations is George Mitrovich, president of both The City Club and The Denver Forum, and chairman of The Great Fenway Park Writers Series.

Mr. Mitrovich believes that if you are fortunate enough to have three cities in your life, what three cities could one more intelligently choose than three of America’s greatest cities – Boston, Denver and San Diego?

The answer, he submits, is self-evident.

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