Writers Series Chairman

George Mitrovich, who serves as chairman of The Great Fenway Park Writers Series, is president of two leading American public forums – The City Club of San Diego and The Denver Forum. In their combined 60-year histories they have presented more than 1,500 programs in the public interest.

The writers’ series at Fenway, now in its fourteenth year, is an extension of Mr. Mitrovich’s profound belief in the dialogue of democracy – a dialogue that most assuredly includes the realm of sports.

Long active in civic affairs in his hometown of San Diego, Mr. Mitrovich has a history of involvement in politics, government, the faith community, and the world of ideas. He has served on numerous civic and charitable boards.

In addition, he has been a leader on issues affecting people of color, believing that the reality of American life must reflect its promise. He and the Boston Red Sox led the successful effort to obtain for Jackie Robinson the nation’s highest civilian honor, the Congressional Gold Medal, which was awarded posthumously in 2005.

Mr. Mitrovich writes frequently for American newspapers and magazines. His work has appeared inThe Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Cape Cod Times, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Newsday, Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, and the San Diego Union Tribune, among others. Four of his speeches have appeared in “Representative Speeches in America”, an annual publication of the nation’s 15 most significant speeches. The most recent was his speech on “When the Walls Come Tumbling Down: The Arts in America.” An active Christian layman, he has preached in some of America’s leading churches, including Washington’s famed National Cathedral, and in 2008 was featured in “The Great Minds of Methodism” series sponsored by the First United Methodist Church of Houston, Texas.

Mr. Mitrovich and his wife, the former La Verle Ann Sutherland of Spokane, Washington, have three children, Carolyn, Mark and Tim, and three grandchildren, Matthew, Jessica and Juliet.