In Memoriam

George Mitrovich

The Great Fenway Park Writers Series


A message from Dick Flavin:

As many of you know, George Mitrovich, the founder and keeper of the flame of The Great Fenway Park Writers Series, passed away on July 24 in his native San Diego, California. George had many dear friends in the Boston area and was a much loved member of the Red Sox family who will be greatly missed. A memorial service will be held in San Diego in August when the Red Sox are scheduled to play there. George was a unique personality whose enthusiasm for baseball, the Red Sox and books was contagious. The Writers Series is the only literary series sponsored by a baseball team, a fact of which the Red Sox are proud and for which they are greatly indebted to George. Please remember our great friend in your thoughts and prayers.

How did you and George first meet?
Did he greet you on the street?
Perhaps you waited on his table,
Or had a friend within his stable.
Or was it at a speakers’ forum
Which he led with such decorum?
Did you read his Baseball Notes,
Or Facebook blogs, with all those quotes?
Whatever way your lives did blend
This is a fact – you had a friend.
He loved us all with his great heart.
He raised friendship into an art.
He cared for everything, you see –
Well, maybe not the GOP.
This much is certain, among men,
We shall not see his like again.
So let us bid him fond adieu;
So long, George. We love you, too.
–Dick Flavin